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Study on your smartphone

19 Jui 3 comments

The smartphone is commonly used nowadays, so why not use it to study? read more…

What is a canon lawyer and how to become one ?

6 Jan 0 comments

Like any lawyer, the canonist advocate first a counselling role to help his advocate to constitute a record.

He intervenes in various contentious and criminal cases but not always in matrimonial causes.

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Tips to studying theology and religion

4 Jan 0 comments

To pursue theological and religious studies more widely is not done in all the universities. However, there are places, diplomas and patents that allow you to obtain an excellent level with varied professional opportunities, whether in the Church or in civil society.

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The history of Domuni University

23 Déc 0 comments

The Dominican University Domuni is not a university like all the others. It is indeed an initiative of the French-speaking Dominicans who wish to offer diploma courses in theology, canon law and philosophy.

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Diploma or certificate in theology: what to choose?

21 Déc 0 comments

Theology and church history are not formations that can be found everywhere. Among the institutes and « learning centers » specialized in the teaching of these, the Domuni University is one of the most relevant, dynamic, moderne and effectiveone.

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How do you take exams at Domuni ?

29 Nov 0 comments

Using online ressources to learn doesn’t mean being dispensed from examination. Domuni students are also subjected to evaluation during the year. How do these exams take place ?

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Enjoy Domunis online library ressources

25 Nov 0 comments

As an online international theology university, Domuni gives a significant importance to the books made available to the students. That’s why Domuni Press publishing was created in 2012. It publishes reference books in theology, philosophy, religious sciences, christian as well as social history.

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What to do with a philosophy degree ?

21 Nov 0 comments

Even if Domuni University gives courses in theology, Religious sciences and canon law, it also values the study of philosophy. Because this specific discipline is vital to fully comprehend theology, the International Dominican University has created a degree and a master in philosophy. But what can you do after graduation ?

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What is the difference between religious sciences and theology ?

7 Nov 0 comments

Domuni university both provides training in theology and religious sciences. But what is the difference between these two disciplines. Aren’t they the same thing ? No, these diplomas are not intended to the same public. As per your aspirations, you could have to pick one or the other, or decide to study a conjoint degree. read more…

Focus on canon law : what is it ? What does this diploma include ?

4 Nov 0 comments

Jus Canonicum in latin, or canon law in english, is one of the disciplines you’ll get to discover or deepen with International Dominican University Domuni. But what is it about ? What will you learn if you decide to start a short or long training course in canon law ?

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